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    Feel so alone

    I have a diagnosis Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Past diagnosis of social anxiety and depression. I'm also a lifelong self harmer (cutting and burning by poring drain cleaner on myself).

    I do see a Counselling psychologist once a week, there is a Autism support group near by but I get panicked by groups (3 or people) so I usually don't go.

    Usually my intense interests keep me occupied and content, such as my DVD collection and learning languages.. but lately I haven't been finding comfort in those things anymore..

    I don't have friends and wouldn't know how to make them. I also stopped taking my medication last year as I felt I didn't need it but told everyone I was taking to avoid questions.

    I'm 26 and everyone else either have jobs, relationships, kids and social lives. My dream was to able to drive but 3 instructors quit on me due to my "problems".

    There's a horrible sense of emptiness inside at the moment, at a time when everyone seems to be festive and happy.

    I don't know. Maybe it's just one of my down days.
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