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Thread: DLA, can we travel abroad? future jobs affected?

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    DLA, can we travel abroad? future jobs affected?

    hi, not sure about filling in DLA form.
    Have mental health problems mainly. depression/anxiety/personality disorder.

    Dont know the consequences of DLA, eg affect on future employment, or travel abroad, holidays, eg do they ask when travelling on airplanes, visa's, etc, passport forms?

    i worry worry worry. Im on esa, and that is stressful enough to deal with.
    DLA is just adding to more stress, and i havnt even applied yet.

    ill be officially disabled once apply for DLA? so then have to tell all future employers and declare on travel abroad?
    negative consequecnes?

    is it worth it? affect on ESA, housing benefit, council tax benefit?

    can you still work? eg transition from ESA to jsa or employment, how is DLA affected?

    DLA can be voluntarily stopped by claimant any time?

    please can anyone offer advise?


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    Hello Michelle and welcome to the forum.

    Employment - First of all it's up to you whether you decide to consider yourself disabled whether you receive DLA or not. If you apply for a job in a large organisation they may ask you whether you consider yourself to be disabled. If you tick this box on a job application and if you meet the minimum job specification you are at least guaranteed an interview - so tick it.

    There are no consequences to getting DLA, if you're eligible, as it's not a 'means tested' benefit and it's not taxed. You can also get DLA and work or claim ESA, housing benefit etc. Check this link out

    Travel - well having the DLA benefit won't prevent you from traveling abroad either if it's for normal holidays. If your visit abroad is temporary, you may continue to get Disability Living Allowance. This is providing your absence from Great Britain does not last more than 26 weeks (this includes going on holiday).

    I guess you have 'hidden disabilities' eg not as obvious as someone using a crutch or wheelchair. But providing your potential emploee is aware of your impairments then I believe you're covered under the Disability Discrimination Act' (DDA).

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    thanks alot for the info/help.

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    Any trip over 28 days needsto be reported to DLA. They ask basic questions to check you trip is temporary.

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