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Thread: Alpine HC's Rota Chair Bed includes riser function so the user can stand unassisted

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    Alpine HC's new Orthopedic Rotating Chair Bed rises enabling user to stand unassisted

    Alpine HC have recently added an electric turning bed called the Orthopedic Rotating Chair Bed to their home care range. The bed is height adjustable with a profiling mattress platform that rotates 90 degrees to assist the user in getting out of the bed.

    The Orthopedic Rotating Chair Bed has a distinct advantage over other rotating hospital beds as it includes a riser function. Once the orthopedic mattress is fully rotated, the seated position can then be electrically tilted forwards to stand the user up. This means an elderly or disabled person with limited mobility is able to get in and out of bed completely unassisted.

    The Orthopedic Rotating Chair Bed in motion...

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