Hi All, I am new here ( today), this is my first post.
I apologise in advance for this long and convoluted post!
I have searched all over the place trying to find the answer to my question. I thought as I was directed here by a friend I would pick your brains before trying to get information out of DWP. I have been a single parent since 2012 when I was widowed I had two dependants of 14 and 15 at the time . I made a claim for ESA in November 2012 and was placed in the support group. in March 2013 I made a claim for PIP and again was successful being placed in the enhanced care and mobility. My Children were both in full time education, in receipt of Child benefit and Child tax credits and I received Bereaved Parent allowance on their behalf. I was never offered nor did I know I may have been entitled to Severe disability premium at this time. In January of 2014 I left the UK for 16 weeks( outside EU for treatment) this meant that all my UK benefits stopped, I returned on 01/05/2014. I reclaimed ESA and was on paper put into the support group, and after a face to face was once more placed on enhanced rate for care and mobility PIP. The two dependants where still in further education one by this time was 17 the other 16 both still received CHB and CTC. My question is should I have been in receipt of SDP from the claim 01/05/2014? Should the SDP have continued to be paid when the eldest went on to University and ceased all benefits as from 01/09/15 aged 19 leaving the youngest still at home in further education and in receipt of CHB?.. I have been given conflicting advice one says, once your child reaches 16 you lose entitlement another that you remain in receipt until they cease qualifying for CHB!
So two questions really. Is SDP paid as long as dependants are in receipt of CHB if so, is the onus on me to make that claim or on DWP to recognise the entitlement?...sorry for prattling on..
Many thanks in advance