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Thread: Reclining wheelchair hire for Xmas

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    Reclining wheelchair hire for Xmas


    I'm looking for advice on where i can hire a reclining wheelchair for my mum over Xmas. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex and my mum is in a care home there. She is waiting to be assessed for a permanent wheelchair but i am worried this isn't going to happen before Xmas. I have promised her that she will come home for Xmas day and i have to make this happen. However i am struggling to find where i can hire from. Does anyone have any advice please?


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    Try the Red Cross, they may have one to loan.

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    I think that what you're looking for is known as a "tilt in space" wheelchair. I assume you mean a chair with a higher back, and possibly a headrest, that can be tilted back at an angle so your Mum is comfy and safe - this needs much less ability to stay sat upright. I've just quickly searched "tilt in space wheelchair hire" and it looks like you will have a few options for companies that deliver nationally. I'm sure you've thought of this, but just in case you haven't seen one, they are larger chairs and so more difficult to transport.

    If it helps, the NHS often issue Invacare Rea chairs, so this is perhaps the sort of chair you are looking for. You will need to know what size chair you need, the hire company should be able to help you work this out if you don't already know.
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    I googled "hiring reclining wheelchair + Essex" and got quite a few hits. Suggest you do same. You need to find exactly what you are looking for and in your area or delivery/pick up will be costly. Basic wheelchairs from Red Cross tend to be just that - very basic.

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