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Thread: ESA or EESA?

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    ESA or EESA?

    I've recently been seeing quite a few places where people refer to ESA as 'EESA' and had started to wonder if this was some new style of designation.

    So a bit of research was called for, and this is what I found:

    'EESA' is the designation used on your bank statments to say where your ESA payments have come from.

    It is a mistake made by the DWP years ago, that has not been corrected yet.

    I can confirm that the EESA classification on your partner's bank statement does
    represent Employment Support Allowance (ESA). The additional 'E' is superfluous and
    does not mean anything.
    This was due to a misalignment of data during the final stages
    in the payment issuing process when payments of ESA by Automated Credit Transfer
    were introduced.

    I appreciate that this may be confusing and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    A further FOI response, from April 2015, said:
    ....the issue which is causing the EESA reference
    on bank statements has been identified, and we are now starting the process
    of engaging with suppliers to provide a resolution.

    It has still not been corrected, typical quick action by the DWP.
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    LMAO! I had thought that my bank statements called it EESA because it was short for Electronic ESA. Now I know different!

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    That's really funny! I get EESA. Now I know why.

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