Hi January 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer had operation February went back to work in November for four weeks as I was ill again my cancer had spread to my lympnodes in my armpit. I decided to apply for ill health retirement which I was turned down I'm a bus driver but dvla took my license off me for 3years as it's expected to travel to my brain so dvla say. Work tried to pay me off two mths ago with six weeks pay and expected me to sign dotted line off course I didn't and told them there offer was disgusting since that they sent me for interview which I didn't get. Found out today they can't do that as they have to make adjustments for me also went to my gp today he told me to appeal the ill health retirement do I need to go to solicitor to do this. Being a cancer patient with 4b tumour I couldn't believe I was turned down I give all my medical information to ill health dr. I live in Northern Ireland.