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Thread: Distraught over lost money and battery

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    I told my problem to the CAB who deal with us poor folk on behalf of Trading Standards. To cut a long story short, TS gave me advice which I can maybe put into practice, but it won't get me my battery box back, and their online form says they'll be in touch in 3 days, and I hope they will then tell me a useful course of action.
    So I wrote to the mobility company as well to say that I've reported them to Trading Standards and I want my nice box with a functioning battery in it back before TS call me so I can tell them it's been sorted out. My mom took the old battery back while I was in the chiropractor. (Everything happens with this on a Wednesday while I am at the chiro because it's down the road from there.)

    The two men in the mobility shop were unhelpful to the grey-haired old bat (my mom) in front of them and said that they did not change my battery for an old one and that they have numerous witnesses to say it's the same battery. (Maybe they could get random people to lie about it, idk.) They said to my mom she must bring the chair and charger in, which we've offered to do before and they said no we can do it without.
    Anyway no way can they have my chair and charger - they might substitute those as well! As they have my letter I think I'll just ignore what got said in the shop and carry on as per my letter.

    Wish me luck folks! I must say I no longer feel so upset as I did the other day. Except that they seemed to be trying to deny everything instead of just saying oh yes, we switched batteries by mistake, here's the correct one. Which would sort it out.

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    Hi Biscuitgazer, Glad you're on the way to getting it dealt with and with help behind you. I did write a reply shortly after you posted but it failed to appear! Was only going to mention the fact that you have rights on your side as what was returned to you falls under 'sale of goods act' which must be as described, satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. If goods are faulty, you can claim from the retailer.

    Am sure this is what you may have already gleamed from CAB and TS, who will assist you. Also, you mention they seem to have numerous witnesses, but don't forget, you have evidence also, the goods, and your evidence and your Mothers!

    Too much of this sort of thing goes on, purely because many see us as easy targets...Errr, I think not. Good luck and hopefully there is possibility this could be over before Christmas, when you should have some additional monies, albeit a refund!

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Nice to hear your feeling a little better,

    perhaps it might be a good idea to mark your goods with a uv pen, there only a couple of pounds on ebay and come with uv light as well.

    I have one and have marked all my laptops just in case..........

    keep at them ,

    all the best.

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    Also thing to check: is it the battery charger failing to charge properly? You say the chair was used, so its probably out of its warranty but look up the model and see if there are specific dealers in your area. Maybe you need to talk to one of them?

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    Have you told the shop that you will be contacting you local newspaper?

    And then contact the paper anyway whatever the shop say.

    Local papers love stirring up stories like this, and the thought of the bad publicity often gets the business OWNER falling over themself to sort things out quickly.

    Plus you will be warning others about these cowboys.
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    Unfortunately all of what you suggested is a possibility, reddivine, though the charger was working fine until the replacement battery died. I'll look for a local Vienna dealer, if any still exist. Worse news is the advice I had today from the CAB that the onus is on me to prove that the trader is in breach.
    I didn't think the trader needed policing, I just made the mistake of assuming they would be honest, so I haven't got proof.
    On the plus side, the shop is now on TS's radar and there is still a vague, very vague possibility I can get my battery back because of my letter to them.

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    Good idea, nuke. Sleepy town needs some news.

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    Hiya Jennifer, just wanted to clarify incase there was any misunderstanding or confusion caused by me. I thought you were called yourself Biscuit grazer because I'm not very good at reading and when I noticed your name was Biscuit gazer, I thought you were male suggesting you gazed at women, as men often refer to women or sex as cookies or Buscuits. I hope that clarifies any misunderstanding. Let us know how it goes getting your money back. Take care.

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    The one thing to bear in mind when you come across double dealers is once their reported to Trading Standards their cards are marked and that will give the next unfortunate customer some ammunition against them so good on you for reporting them.

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    That's what I figure too, ChrisK. Also I've thought better of telling the paper as I have to go to small claims court to try and get my battery back, and as it's my word against theirs, (well, they say they can produce witnesses and I believe them, so can I!) that could go either way and I don't want to end up with a libel charge against me.

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