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Thread: Distraught over lost money and battery

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    Distraught over lost money and battery

    I was given a non-running, used powerchair. Super nice gift. I took it into a local mobility shop and asked them to change the control to lhs and put in a new battery or make repairs as necessary. After nearly a month they called me to say it's now working, so I paid them, it was £5 to change the control too the lhs (annoyingly they simply swapped the armrests, which I could have done myself, and left the cable plug on the rhs, so the cable is a bit short but that's by the by) and also £125 for a new battery, and I paid them £130 by debit card and collected the chair, that was on 30th Sept.

    All was well for about 10 days and then the machine cut out suddenly, fortunately while I was near the car. Total use in that period was when I went once to the chiropractor and once to Sainsburys.

    So I took the battery back in for them to fix or tell me how much it would cost to fix it properly, as it seemed most likely a bad battery connection the cost should be zero.

    They held onto my battery with this and that story, first one person on leave, then another, until we phoned them on Saturday, when they said it would be £125 for a new battery. I said that I would not pay that, as they had just put in a new battery. So they said o.k., no charge, come and collect it. So my mother collected it for me as I have no energy.

    But it is not the same battery, this box is badly scraped and slightly cracked, and the chair still doesn't work. So today I asked my mother to phone the shop again because I was too freaked out to talk, and they have told her that as far as they are concerned it is the same battery.

    Now I know it's only money so it should not upset me so much, but what can I do? Everything has been verbal except for the card payment, for which I only have a till slip, not a receipt. Now it seems I have lost £125 and my good battery box has been changed for a bad one.

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    Hiya Biscuit gazer, yh it's only money but you aren't going to flush it down the toilet and tou need it to live.
    I'm really sorry you've been messed about and left vulnerable and in further despair.
    Any shop or trader has a duty to carry out a repair or service, to a reasonable and acceptable standard, at a fair price, by a qualified repairs person.
    Get onto trading standards as they know the law and are very supportive.
    You probably will come across a sence of fear because trading standards are constantly fighting with traders, and I'm sure some traders don't take it lying down and will threaten trading standards to unnerve them.
    Try not to worry about all of that but when you do phone and feel scared that will be what you are picking up on.
    From what you have explained they have broken the law and if you do decide to pursue, you should get a full refund and compensation for the cost of toing and froing.
    They will take yours and the repairers details and will ask you what happened. They will advise you to write a letter to the repairers detailing what you want to be done to resolve the matter. Hopefully they will resolve with you at that stage. If not I think trading standards will take it from there. It can be scary, try not to worry I hope you get your money back and your powerchair repaired to a suitable standard. Kind regards, Sasherish.
    P.S stop gazing at biscuits lol

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    Batteries have a 12 month guarantee in any case. They sound like a load of cowboys preying on the disabled as is often the case nowadays. Yes, I agree, contact Trading Standards, they will have a list of rogue traders and will help you get the problem sorted.

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    Thank you. I will do that. PS I called myself that because the stars look like biscuits if you're shortsighted, which I am. I eat the biscuits in the tin, though.
    Jennifer is my real name.

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    As you paid by debit card, contact your issuer.

    Taken from the UK Cards Association.
    "Debit cards do not provide the same level of legal protection as you would have when using a credit card (see Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act) though many debit card issuers offer protection on a voluntary basis (it is worth checking with your debit card company what level of protection they offer)."

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    Hi Jennifer,

    and there was I thinking you had strong willpower lol.

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    Hiya Jennifer.. I thought your name was Biscuit Grazer until half an hour ago

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    Rofl you have all cheered me up!

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    Glad we've cheered you up <3

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    You musn,t let them get away with this!
    And as Beau says, there should be a twelve month guarantee
    Really hope you get this sorted
    In the meantime, have a cuppa and a custard cream!

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