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Thread: Atos house calls

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    Atos house calls

    Hi Everyone

    I have come over from the States to help an old buddy. His wife could not cope any longer and left him. I used this forum when I came over a few years back to help him and found it very helpful, he had to have a medical he could only walk a few steps on crutches due to neuropathy of the feet and legs and had problems with his ticker (a struggle to breath) it was necessary for the doctor from the pension department to visit. She was very caring and helpful. And all turned out well. A few weeks back he got a call telling him he would be sent a form to complete in about two weeks this has not arrived. Since I last saw him he has deteriorated lost all feeling on the left side of his body, falls about even on crutches, and had some sort of virus that damaged his nervous system so he is incontinent it also attacked his kidneys as when I change his pants the urine is full of blood. I have spoken a doctor back home and tried to talk to his who was not forthcoming. I have researched the net and can find very little about the time for the form to arrive only that it has to be returned in four weeks and I can not find out about house calls, and all revolves around a company named ACTOS who seeem not to be helpful and have a bad reputation for people with disabilities. Can any of you good folk out there shed any light on the form and house calls.


    Jack M

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    Hi Jack,

    Check this website out for the latest in-depth info about the form . . .

    About medicals . . .

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    Good follow on Lightfoot thanks

    Hi Guys

    Lightfoot thanks for the follow on I checked both out but no mention of house calls is this on the paperwork that is sent? his wife kept a very precise file on his last IB medical 6 years ago ( it only seems like it was yesterday I was last over)even down to the doctors name who visited but still no mention of how the house call was arranged.

    Reading through some of the stuff on the web there seems to be issues with missing/lost paperwork, the form was to arrive in around two weeks and that time has well expired is this to be taken as a concern and what action is needed to be taken if any and any more pointers on house calls it that is the right term.

    Jack M

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    Once the ESA50 is filled in and returned, the medical services will be in touch to make an appointment. They will try to arrange this by phone (if you give them your number, which I suggest you do not) Tell them you want the appointment made in writing. Once the letter arrives you will need to ring them and ask for a home this is where you will have fun and gamesThey will tell your that your GP will need to fax them to confirm you need a home visit. Well then it is a case of asking said GP, if they will do that for you.

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    Hi Hera

    Thanks for the advice I have the report from the last house call and I have spoken to his MD who now knows the situation and much more forthcoming. I have engaged a carer on a short term basis as I can change my buddys pants and jocks and shave him but I am not a professional carer,

    Lighttouch I do apologise for getting your handle incorrect and calling you Lightfoot it was a long ride and I walked into a mess but that’s no excuse

    Jack M

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