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Thread: Nukecad in hospital

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    Dec 2010
    Hey Nuke, Ditto content of all messages so far. Know you're a great asset, and not just to this site...(amazing what lengths some are willing to go to, to deny help to others! hope you get my drift :-)

    Get well soon, Buddy & God speed.

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    hi get well soon nuked all the best you are in the right place, your experience, was about the same as mine took in to hospital at 4 am by ambulance next thing stents getting inserted through wrist out with in two days the clamp on the wrist hurt more than anything, all the best regards palmer

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    Hiya I hope you heal well and I hope you have all the visitors you need. Get well soon.

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    Speedy recovery nuke!! Xx

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    I'm adding to the good wishes for your recovery. You will be home soon I'm sure. Hope someone can bring you a phone charger so you don't get too bored!

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    As you can see we're all besotted with you!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    All the best,


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    What a scare for you Nuke.....very sincere good wishes and get well soon!

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    Thanks all - hope to be back home soon, but I'm guessing unless they want to clear the bed for the weekend then I'm here till at least Monday.

    Feel Ok , as someone said the wrist is sorest.
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    I think the standard stay after a heart attack is 5 days even if the cause has been treated. You may be out Monday or Tuesday.

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    Sorry to hear this nukecad, just follow the docs instructions and you will be grand x hubbys dad had massive heartack when he was 50 lostcweight gave up the ciggies and lived to 82 no idea what age you are but lots of miles in you yet xo

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