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Thread: Nukecad in hospital

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    Nukecad in hospital

    The title says it, had a heart attack at 03:00 last night.

    Did 999 and paramedic came wired me up, and said to ambulance crew thay came "straight to Carlisle for surgery".

    Arrested in the ambulance, CPR & DEFIB.

    Got to the hospital and within 10 mins was lay there watching while the surgeon put 2 stents in my heart tthrough the vein in my wrist.
    Amazing they can do this these days without knocking you out and opening up your chest.

    So now sat on the ward for a few days.
    I'm feeling fine apart from my sternum where the paramedic was jumping on it when I arrested in the ambulance.

    TIA for all good wishes, may not see them for a while - have to save the phone battery.
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    I hope you are ok.try to rest xxxx

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    Oh no Nukecad, amazing what can be done in this day and age. Welcome to the stent club. You will feel bruised in your chest from the stent insertion as well as the CPR.
    Wishing you well for a rapid recovery.
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    Sending positive thoughts your way, Nukecad!

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    Hope some kind soul fetches your charger and you can recharge your phone. Stay still, get better and do not stress!

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    Thinking of you and wishing you all the best for a very speedy recovery.

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    All good wishes for a full recovery xx

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    Sorry to hear this Nukecad hope you will be ok, yes sounds amazing what they can do now without slicing and dicing you. Take care and hope you escape there soon and get back to your own home and recover asap

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    Sorry to hear this

    Hope you recover quickly!

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    Nothing but positive thoughts heading north, our NHS really can pull out the stops when it's needed the most.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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