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Thread: Travelling in Tuscany

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    Travelling in Tuscany


    Has anyone out there had experience of travelling or activities in Tuscany, and is there anything you could recommend?

    My wife and I are currently building a house in Tuscany designed to accommodate people with disabilities. My wife is an occupational therapist of many years standing and we have the design of the house covered, but we would like to be able to inform guests of what else might be available within reasonable travelling distance.

    I have managed to find some information on accessible activities, but it would be really useful to get some actual user experiences, both good and bad?


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    I have been with a coach tour,but before I became unwell
    We visted,Luca,Pisa,Florence,and a couple of other places
    We stayed in montecateni terme,and we took the venicular railway to montecateni alto
    It was stunning!
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    I have never got an opportunity to travel to Tuscany but it seems a peaceful place...

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    I am feeling bad to tell you that I have also never got a chance to explore Tuscany in my life. But I have heard lots of things about this region through my uncle which had visited this region more then two times. His experience was nice there every time and enjoyed lots of fun there.

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