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Thread: Private house renting question

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    Quote Originally Posted by deebee View Post
    Followed the link,and have to say I. Found it pretty tame
    ........ ended up on a landlord forum,where the terms used to describe benefit tenants was more than discriminant,it was downright insulting
    You get a bit of that on landlordzone as well;
    but most are well behaved, and the moderators keep a close eye on insulting or abusive posters.

    You make a good point, many working people get some form of benefit - Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, etc., etc., so many landlords are depriving themselves of potential in work tenants by putting a blanket exclusion on benefits.

    Of course it's their property and so their choice who they rent to.
    (They can't advertise some things, eg. 'no blacks', but that does not mean they can't privately have that policy).
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    Also letting agents are at fault sometimes, not just landlords. See my earlier post. Landlords often leave everything including the thinking to their agent, and then the agent may be stupid and no angel to boot.

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    Yeah followed the link and found the attitudes are pretty much what i have found. Now, before i even view a place, I will ask
    Will landlord allow 2 ppl, on HB, NOT JSA, but disabled?
    THEN if it looks a possible, I have to ask Will he allow slight alterations to enable bedroom A to be dialysis room? I stress he does NOT have to pay.
    As you imagine, if I get thru door no 1, door no 2 can often close....

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    It used to be more possible, in some cases, to rent privately, if you're on benefits. If you could get a good reference from your current landlord and crucially, have no debt problems, then sometimes private landlords will consider you.

    The thing is most agents will check with Experion, or similar firms. They can check whether you are in debt with credit card companies, or other loans, whether existing rents have been paid properly, and whether you have any County Court Judgements against you. If you're clear on these, you stand a chance.

    However, I think it's getting more difficult now, simply because benefits have gone down, in real terms, and LHA, in particular, nowhere near covers the rent of many places. Apparently, large areas of the country are simply unaffordable to LHA claimants now. Of course, people may have other benefits to supplement their income, but the fact is a lot of people are receiving less in benefits, while the rental market is soaring!

    I can only see more and more people needing social housing, at a time, when more of it is being sold off!

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