Jacqueline Agnew, 50 from Newtownards, Northern Ireland, is a passionate bird photographer and despite walking difficulties, has been able to continue with her beloved hobby thanks to a TGA Supersport mobility scooter.


The TGA Supersport is a cult-classic mobility scooter renowned for its black and chrome looks that resemble a Harley Davidson style motorbike. It is popular with elderly and disabled owners looking for assured independence outdoors and who prefer a scooter that looks less like a conventional mobility vehicle. It is a rugged, 3-wheel scooter with robust suspension and a powerful motor so exceptional manoeuvrability and performance is delivered whilst adventuring off-road. This is why Jacqueline owns a Supersport and also for easier access into town and around the shops. When not working in Belfast as a civil servant, Jacqueline regularly visits the Kiltonga Wildlife Reserve on her scooter so she can photograph the wild birds that inhabit the area. Without her TGA Supersport she simply would not be able to fulfil this passion.

Jacqueline has chronic arthritis in both knees which means she is unable to walk any great distance. She is the proud owner of a Supersport thanks to the help of local TGA retailer John Preston and the Motability leasing scheme. Jacqueline explains: "My scooter is brilliant. It is sturdy and always generates lots of comments when I am out, especially from young kids, they say it is so cool. I use a rollator to get to work and back on the bus however the distances involved when visiting the wildlife reserve are far too much for me without my Supersport. My photography is so important to me; I’d be lost without it. Thanks to my scooter I have been able to capture so many beautiful images of geese, swans and herons." Read more...