Hi all.

I had my ESA reassessment medical back in September. I'm already on ESA in the support group after taking my original assessment to appeal and won at tribunal.
I have managed to get a copy of my medical report today ( the assessment was recorded ) and i just broke down after reading through it. I cannot believe how many lies are written inside this even though it was audio recorded.

The only thing i can see throughout the report that awards anything is in the coping with social engagement and written there is Engagement in social contact with someone unfamiliar to the claimant is not possible for the majority of the time due to difficulty relating to others or significant distress experienced by the individual.

Everything else throughout the report is does not apply. I was shaking and in tears throughout the whole thing and on this report he has written coped well, neatly dressed, no rocking movements, good eye contact! I did not look at him once! i had my head in my hands and i'm pretty sure you could hear me on the tape in distress by crying and saying to my wife i want to go home.

There are things i would find hard to prove even with the recording which worries me more, for example saying i made eye contact isn't going to be proved by the tape.
I know exactly where this is going as i have compared it to my previous ESA medical report and the ONLY difference between the 2 in that my latest one has that social engagement written down which seems to only award 6 points.

Am i right in saying that there is no possible way i will stay on ESA? I've never read anywhere that someone has remained in the support group after such a disastrous report. I'm going out of my mind with stress now i know i'm going to be taken off ESA before i even get the decision.