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    Advice re equipment


    We have a two and half year old who is extremely physically disabled. We currently have a triton chair for use indoors but he does not tolerate it and screams in it. We really need to get a chair that can be used inside our home that allows him to sit and be at a height where he can join in with activities. Has anyone got any suggestions for such a chair or have a chair for sale?
    Also we are currently looking at getting him a buggy/stroller that can be bolted to cars/vans for travelling. We currently use a bug but he has outgrown it and i have not been that impressed due to it being very heavy and doesn't allow us to carry all his medical kit. Again has anyone any suggestions or have a buggy for sale? Thanks

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    Grants, funding and advice

    Well I'm sure other members have some ideas that they can pass on. All I know is it sounds like you need some money to fund your purchases. I can think of a few ways of obtaining funding

    1 Try to identify a charity that supports disabled children and apply for a grant. Check this link out -
    In fact this link looks promising as they give grants for seats and buggies plus advise where to get funding - perfect!

    2 Try to involve your local community and get them to help raise funds through sponsored swims, pub quizes, fun runs, sponsored silence etc. People will bond over a worthy cause. Highlight the issue with your local paper as they will give you valuable coverage.

    Think creatively, how could you gain valuable publicity to the manufacturer of the products you're looking for in return for a buggy.

    Is there a demand for childrens' second hand disability equipment - sounds like their should be some sort of disability equipment on Ebay.

    Sorry it's not quiet what you were requesting but I thought it might help. Good luck.
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    Have you asked your GP to refer your child to the Wheelchair service? We live in Camden and went along to this NHS service. The Occupational Therapist met my son and did all the medical things she had to do. She also asked me questions about moving about and why I needed this. We were lent (for free and for an unlimited period of time) a Mc Laren Major buggy costing around 500. Thank God this service is there. They changed my life. I am aware that they do not provide electric wheelchairs though.

    If no luck, try Caudwell Charity

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