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Thread: Unexpected odd phone call ~ ESA Assessment Centre

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    Unhappy Unexpected odd phone call ~ ESA Assessment Centre

    ESA first assessment appealed..won tribunal awarded me with 55 points ( Atos (DWP) awarded me with 6 points ) and placed in the Support Group . The tribunal court ordered Not to be re assessed for 2 years

    Listen to this ..

    Out from the blue .mid afternoon sitting on my tod .txting someone when I was disturb by private number caller coming through in middle of typing at 3:15pm (Wednesday 21 sept 2016)..
    Decided to answer it sometimes I don't if its no name ... .Hello .. then this woman said Hello is that (said my name )
    yes i replied thinking it was from the council to get rehoused .Then she said something i got an appointment at assessment centre. In an hours time ..
    Said letters sent out telling me this .. I never received them being completely confused (what she talking about ?)
    Yes .to an old address I had 3 years ago
    (where that time my first Ato assessment and failed )
    Wouldn't take my new address just ask my to phone an 0800 number
    Then she she said (as thiugh it was in ny best interests) " it would " help" if you turn this afternoon in hours time "(as though it was a dentist appointment for a tooth ache
    Tried to get me to turn up with nothing
    no defence not even a filled ESA 50
    overall Call lasted 3.20
    What was all that about left me stunned ..
    Dont know what to do also waiting for a court reply the whether the landlord has re procession the order is two weeks the bailiffs to boot me out of my eviction in 5 weeks .Grrrr be made homeless lose every thing I built bren here two years just tobget booted out again but that's another issue .er..??
    Which one deal with first ESA benefit. ?? Or find a home ??
    So rent more likely top-up and paying of a loan What a mess!
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    So I haven't phone up yet and see whats going on I just got my money so iam going to have to phone up but I not going to do it
    Going to get Adult care to do it .for me .
    Or get the homeworks team(short term support group) to do it .
    Because they are sorting the housing and sirtrd the Adult care as social services closed my account
    when the going got tough.. ~typical ~ just us when the red bil turns up ..(Electric bill) when it did they close my account ..

    So as I was being evicted ( Done me a favor)
    This homeworks group told me to get in
    touch with my new doctor and tell him to get in touch with primary health team
    he did and very helpful
    and thats how I got my foot in the door again .
    * NOTE If the same happened to you f
    YOU need to do he same . Otherwise you be panicking
    Before the assessment centre starts rattling the cage .. because ut takes a while to get it alk active again ..
    Now I started this thread
    I will
    continue to give updates on this experience and that rotten housing ..
    luv it here
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    You don't say just when your tribunal was.
    Was it recent, or was it some time ago?

    However ringing you up to say that you had an assessment that same day is not acceptable.

    If they have admitted that they have sent the letters to an old address then you have 'Good Cause' for not attending.
    I assume that the DWP have your current address?

    (I do recall another thread some months back where Maximus had sent out letters to the old address they had on file even when the DWP had the new address).

    If you have not already done so then call and write (or get your Adult care team to do it) to the DWP complaining that Maximus have been sending appointment letters to the old address.
    Get your complaint in first before the DWP ask you to explain why you did not turn up, and possibly stop your money.

    Sorry I can't advise on your housing situation, but it looks like you already have that covered.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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    Thank you nukecad .. yes it was 2 and half years ago .that the tribunal was.. I will doing that ..
    but at least she told me that my number come but it didnt come across like that more like It would help.turn up today now I know I can stop sudden booom. my money stopped and its my fault so its given me a chance to do you what advise ..DWP got some strange dodgy tactics in the tribunal they said I had zero points when I had six points and tried to say I had no chance even a chance of winning .... the tribunal was held 50 miles away....I turned up and I won .. :-)
    So I let you know the outcome ..
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    hi there ,
    make sure the DWP have your CORRECT address !!!!..they stopped my money and said they had sent es50 to me but it turned out the es50 went to wrong address..
    they wont tell you they will just stop your money..sounds like the assessment team think your still at OLD address and if they have sent mail to wrong address they will say you didnt turn up for your f2f..
    ring dwp and ask them if they have asked assessment team to reassess you?? if they have then tell them you have had NO mail saying your being reassessed ..
    if they called you on 21st then they must of asked you to come in after they didnt get the completed es50? ..
    the assessment team and the dwp call centre sometimes dont comunicate very well , you need to also ring the assessments apointments line and ask them if your being reassessed ?? if they say yes , ask them ware they have been sending your mail? try and act before your next payment is due..

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