Well the Coalition government seems to be paving the way with little tit bits of information being deliberately given to the papers in the form of 'leaks'.

Well I'm all for lifting the low paid out of taxation so that extra few quid a month will help keep the wolves from the door.

I guess DLA will rise by September's inflation rate of about 5%.

I'm sure any rises will be wiped out with the cost of fuelmand rising food prices.

But what's this I hear - another stealth tax on the motorists by privatising the roads so toll charges can be taken.

The big question is will wheelchair users be fitted with 'yardometers' to tax the distance rolled. A 'crutchometer' will be fitted to tax the number of hits of rubber ferrules from crutches on tarmac. I wonder if they could tax the use of stairlift uses by a 'stairlifftometer'.

It all seems quite funny but as belt tightening continues there'll be all sorts of ingenious ways the government will get their hands on our pennies. We'll see soon . . . .