Although I'm a wheelchair user, a permanent crutch user and a car driver I wish I'd found out about this ferrule sooner.

I can only use one crutch and over the years I've leaned very heavily on that side. Despite using ergonomic hand grips my nervous system in my hand has been damaged through crushing nerves while holding the crutch.

To prevent this from happening to you I'd suggest you try out this flexi-foot ferrule.

I've only had it a few hours but here's my feedback.

- It's easy to fit - twist old ferrule off and twist new one on
- your crutch height will rise so shorten the shaft by two or three pegs
- the rubber ribbed bottom of the ferrule is quite thick so should last well
- there's a form of suspension in the ferrule to cushion impacts
- it bends and the base keeps in touch with the surface.

So far - very impressed.

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