Hi all,

Only just joined the site, so be gentle.

A brief intro. I have a progressive neurological condition, and recently started using a wheelchair for occasions when I know I will be out and expected to cover distance on legs. I am fortunate enough to still have limited use of my legs, and no issues upper body.

As part of adapting, and improving my control of a wheelchair, I've been looking around for some time now for any form of Wheelchair sports within Essex.

So far, I have come across a total of 2 'clubs' or 'sessions';

Tennis within Garon's, southend.
Basketball, in Chelmsford.

I live in Southend, so was very excited with the Tennis. I attended, and they have specific chairs there for public use, so was a great experience. However, there are two younger fellas that have been attending and I am far more able than they are. It felt like I was almost taking over their session, and the exercise is far more imprtant for them and subsequently I decided it not beneficial to attend myself (the session is intended for teenagers - a teenager I am not).

As for basketball, unfortunately 1) chelmsford is an hour away. 2) Basketball doesnt excite me,

So, my question for any one in Essex/Southend way, is does anyone know of any clubs available for wheelchair sports?
Alternatively, anyone around that would like to play either Tennis or Badminton? Would be happy to find people to play against. Additionally, whilst I think of it, any one interested in playing wheelchair rugby? Nearest I could find is Kent - but
I know GBWR were recently hoping for interest within the Southend area. If could find enough people interested can try and push for them to get a team together!

Anyway, any thoughts views opinions or advice would be most welcome