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Thread: Work opportunities

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    Work opportunities

    My name is Michael Thomas and I work for the company Able Recruitment ltd based in London. We are a fairly new agency but we specialise in finding jobs for individuals with disabilities or learning difficulties.

    We currently have some potential job opportunities so if you or anyone you know is looking for work, please send your CVs and details about your disability to and we can do our best to get you work.

    Most of our opportunities are based in London and nearby areas.

    Apologies if this seems like spam, but we do really want to give the best opportunities to the disabled community.

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Thomas

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    Read my answer to your duplicate thread.

    Posting the same thing twice is not helping your credibility.
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    As per the other thread this is a pretty blatant attempt to exploit both the folk you're trying to 'recruit' and the name of the real ablerecruitment agency.

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