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    New and Confused

    Hi There all Happy Tuesday

    I have been suffering in silence with slipped and degenerative discs for 6 years and in July I finally bit the bullet and claimed for PIP ( on the advice of my consultant) I 1st rang and applied on the 7th Jul (8 weeks ago) I had my assessment with Capita on 11th Aug and Last Thursday 1st Sept I got a text saying that the DWP had decided I qualified for PIP witch is fantastic and quicker than I thought from reading a million forums on the subject .
    Today 6th of Sept i received £432.93p into my bank account witch has really confused me because
    1) payments apparently go in every 4 weeks on a Weds ( according to Gov website)
    2) Because if this is my 4 weekly payment it does not add upto any of the combination of mobility and living I have worked out and if its a backdate then that also doesn't add up either

    So I think my Q is did any of you get anything like this and does the backdate go in 1st or the 1st payment go in 1st ???
    and how long did u have to wait for the backdate if it goes in after ? I suppose all will become clear when my letter comes but we all know what the gov are like at sending letters always comes weeks after the money turns up

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    Hi and welcome - that's a pretty good turnround for a PIP claim. Regarding the payment you received this could vary depending upon the level of mobility and daily living levels awarded. Your award notification should state which levels you've been awarded.
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    hi you could ring and ask about the payment, and if you get the right person, they will explain every thing too you, or wait for the award letter regards.

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    Recieved my letter !

    I got standard living rate £55.10 and that was my backdated payment from 7/7 - 30/08

    They said my payments will be paid every 4 weeks in arrears so now I presume I have to wait 4 weeks until my 1st payment

    I also rang my tax credits and informed them as I know what they are like if you dont tell them thing straight away and was pleased to find that my tax credits are going up slightly Ofc they didn't say how much but anything is a help living on 1 income fro 4 of us is extremely difficult
    My mom also posted on here about CA which we found out we cant get . ty for being good to her

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