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Thread: Dla to pip

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    Dla to pip

    Hi i received a letter from dla saying it is coming to an end i received the forms for pip and filled them in my husband suffers with osteoarthritus of the right knee severe anxiety and depression also tarlov cysts in the neck which makes it hard for him wash his hair or back which i put all this on the forms i also sent hospital letters diagnosis letters letter from doctors and medication slips he also suffers with panic attacks cannot talk on the phone to strangers my concern is i sent 50 letters from hospitals and doctors including counceling letters just received a letter today that he has to go for assessment with atos why would this be he has problems socialising with family members can i talk on his behalf in the meeting or does he have to would like some advise please as its not near his appointment and starting to panick again feels like esa tribunal all over again

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    You can go with him and speak for him, but better if he speaks for himself where able, it is not that bad, no need to get flustered, you have the evidence and they just need to know how it affects him day to day, do not get in a tizzy about it, you need to communicate everything you can while you have the opportunity.

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    hi as said you can go in the room with him and help with the process,as long as you have sent them your, letters from hospitals and doctors including counceling letters, you will be alright done let them put words in yours husbands mouth, stick to what you have on the forms you sent them,regards

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    thanks for your response called them today they said he might be able to get a home visit due to his servere anxiety just need to send a support letter from his gp stating his condition and axiety

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    Hi just to let people know my husband has been accepted for a home assesment as they looked at his claim again dont know if that is good or bad thing

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    hi that a good thing for you as you are in your own environment as i said,stick to what you have on the forms you sent them,regards

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    thank you so much for the advise

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    will let you know how things go won esa tribunal support group

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    get well soon. all the best

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    hi i do have one question when we have our visit tuesday would it help with the self assessment for pip form help in our case or not thank you

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