I sorry if I'm repeating my self my last posting has disappeared. The following is the gist.

I received the dreaded ESA50 yesterday, and wondered if anyone has any thoughts on whether an ESA reassessment is likely to be more successesful when accompanied by a formal letter from a Heath care professional?

The last assessment I had was a while ago and I had to ask for an MR. Since then my condition has got worse (mainly due to the aggro of the last assessment) and I now have a specialist nurse, I was thinking about asking for a letter of support from her as the last time I only had an informal letter from my GP that I think was to informal and didn't contain enough information, I was also thinking about contacting the benefits advisor who helped with my PIP claim, although Its possible she'll not be available in time for the form to be returned. I could wait and see the CAB but they're so overloaded that may take to long and I'm really not up to sitting in a waiting room for hours just to give my details and book an appointment.

I've read too many stories about how things can go wrong and claimants being stitched up if they try to do it all themselves without professional support that I'm already getting the jitters about this!