I was wondering if anyone could help me on this one , I've been finished at work through ill health ( not worked since February 2014) and was told that I would be entitled to 6 weeks notice in lieu and any holidays I had accrued and it would be paid at the end of July. I received an envelope off them on that day only to find a p45 with no payslips showing just my holiday pay in which no tax had been deducted. I phoned HR and explained what I had received and he said he would get back to me, which he did the following day and admitted it was payrolls mistake and it would be sorted out . This morning I received 2 payslips but no amended p45 , 1 payslip for my holiday pay (showing no tax deducted )the other for my 6 weeks pay in lieu ( which only goes in the bank on the 30th of August) and to my surprise I had been taxed considerably .
I phoned HMRC explained and asked for a tax refund because I haven't worked since February 2014 , the lady said that if my employer had paid both holiday and 6 weeks pay in lieu at the same time I wouldn't have paid any tax whatsoever . And to speak to my employer to see if they will reimburse me the tax payment, if not I will have to wait till the end of the tax year because I'm receiving contribution based esa which is taxable . I phoned HR but got no answer , so my point is ... should my employer reimburse me with the amount of tax I've paid seeing as it's their own big mistake and they haven't stood by what they said they would do and if not is there any type of action i could take against them seeing as I'm the one who has been penalised through no fault of my own and surely with the second half of the money I'm entitled to hasn't even been put in the bank as of yet . I would appreciate any help on this situation.
Many Thanks
Snowy 123