I have been on long term sick since January.
I contacted payroll at work last Thursday to find out what my ssp would be this month and was told that my ssp exhausted on the 1st August.

So after an initial panic I now have discovered I may be eligible for ESA - I am unable to do this yet however as I am still waiting for my SSP 1 form. I have asked twice about it now and seem to be getting ignored.

I am now without any money as looks like I need to cancel my working tax credits too . My husband started a part time job today not sure when he will get paid. So I am trying now to get everything together so when I call esa I have everything I need .

My main confusion seems to be with regard to contributory or income based esa. Looks like it will be contributory that i am eligible for but am i able to apply for housing/council tax benefit with this? Most places seem to talk about income based.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of both?

Kind regards