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Thread: New users

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    Now that one went straight up but the ones on a thread I started are taking a good day. Two posts just disappeared too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nukecad View Post
    If this forum has been seeing the same as the one where I moderate we have been very busy this last weekend.

    I know a lot of forums (especially UK based ones) have been coping with a large spammer attack which started on Friday.
    At our place we had 180+ new registrations by spammers on Fri/Sat and another 250+ on Sat/Sun.

    Each one of these has to be individually checked and then individually banned.
    Some I can tell at a glance, others will take 5-10 mins each to check.

    All of which takes time when we could be doing other things (like approving genuine posts that have been put in the moderation queue).

    There are other measures we can take (I won't make it easy for spammers by saying what they are), but this will inevitably impact on usage by genuine forum members.

    It seems to have calmed down now that the Bank Holiday is over.
    I've always know n patience was a virtue, and guessed something was going on although I didn't realise this on Saturday and assumed I'd done something wrong the day before, so I did repeat myself at the weekend and put up virtually the same post a second time.

    I do hope my repetition won't be held against me!

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