Hi everyone,

I have been terribly ill for a long time now and am attempting to apply for ill health retirement, which is unlikely to be supported by my previous employer. I have been deemed to fall under the equality act for my disability. (legally).

The condition I have now is linked to the same condition that I was dismissed for due to ill health, and I have seen that I can still take retirement even though I am dismissed, but I wondered if any of you lovely people might have taken this route before and what the pitfalls are, essentials to include etc. regarding the application process.

I have solid support from my specialists, but I have read sometimes that alone is not enough, so if anybody could give me any pointers as to what to include, not include, where I might find more detailed guidance than is offered, then it would help me tremendously since I have no union or support with this application, so will be doing it all myself.

Thank you for any input you might have.