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Thread: Ill health retirement, help for unassisted person.

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    Ill health retirement, help for unassisted person.

    Hi everyone,

    I have been terribly ill for a long time now and am attempting to apply for ill health retirement, which is unlikely to be supported by my previous employer. I have been deemed to fall under the equality act for my disability. (legally).

    The condition I have now is linked to the same condition that I was dismissed for due to ill health, and I have seen that I can still take retirement even though I am dismissed, but I wondered if any of you lovely people might have taken this route before and what the pitfalls are, essentials to include etc. regarding the application process.

    I have solid support from my specialists, but I have read sometimes that alone is not enough, so if anybody could give me any pointers as to what to include, not include, where I might find more detailed guidance than is offered, then it would help me tremendously since I have no union or support with this application, so will be doing it all myself.

    Thank you for any input you might have.

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    Has your doctor, jobcentre or social services given you any advice. Try contacting those for advice on which direction to travel. good luck!

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    It's very difficult to get ill health medical retirement.

    Back in June 2011 I was offered enhanced medical retirement at the highest level - which is worrying as at 54 they didn't expect me to live too long I guess. Well, touch wood, I'm still here for now.

    I actively wanted to retire and the organisation I worked for had me go for two independent medicals, wrote to my doctor and had recommendation from the in-house Occupational Therapist.

    The only thing I had any input on was what my doctor wrote. I actually composed the letter from him and bullet pointed how my condition impacted on the work output. He reproduced it in his own words but I never actually saw what he sent.

    A few things to remember if you go down this route

    - you couldt take 25% of your pension as a tax free lump sum
    - your monthly pension will be small
    - you won't have to pay National Insurance but you might need to pay tax on earnings over £11,000
    - the chances are you may not be eligible for any means-tested benefit
    - you'll need to sign on to get NI credits which go towards your state pension
    - if you want to work your hours will be limited
    - you'll need to budget your6 limited outgoings
    - if you need extra income think creatively like getting a lodger!

    Ask any questions and I'll try to walk you through the minefield!

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