Would you be interested to be part of the Home Office user research panel, to help us make sure that people with access needs/disabilities can use our services? You could make a difference to a wide range of Government services, and receive £40-80 in shopping vouchers for your time!

Who we are and what we do
The User Research & Design Team is here to improve Home Office services, but we need your input to make that possible.
Our work involves talking to users of Home Office online services so that we can find ways to make those services better for them. We usually do this by asking people to try out a new website or service we are building. We use their feedback to help us make improvements as we go along.

We typically offer £40 in shopping vouchers as a thank you for an hour’s research, or £80 for two hours.
We won’t contact you more than once a month and you can opt out at any time. All our research is carried out in accordance with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct.

We really want to talk to people who:
* have access needs, including: dyslexia, deafness, impairments or mental health conditions
* find the internet difficult to use, or don’t like using it.

How you can help
If you are interested in taking part in future research, please send an email to access@digital.homeoffice.gov.uk and tell us:
Yes, I want to help
My access needs are…. (if any)
I use……..special software or equipment (if any)
I prefer to be contacted by…… (telephone/ email/ text message)
My preferred contact details are…..

We will contact you when we have research coming up. We hope to talk to you soon.

Kind regards,
Access Needs Team
Home Office Digital