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Thread: let down by everyone. Hate crimes.

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    let down by everyone. Hate crimes.

    We moved into a new house (new social housing site) after waiting nearly 4 years for the house.
    from day 2. It was a disaster Youths ranging from 9-19 were outside and started making comments about me
    I have bad facial disfigurement/wheelchair user etc.

    since april 41 hate crimes have been recorded. they come by the fence and scream the C word. and all the insults you expect with disability swearing etc. the M and S word and R word. we've had maggots put through the letter box
    they installed CCTV but they refuse to allow sound and the police say without sound they cant do anything.

    the company that runs the site are useless. They just want the issue to go away. they keep saying all the time
    they are worried why I'm going downhill and so upset. and they just cant see the non stop abuse/harassment has been relentless

    its like they have all given up. We are going to move but the house needs to be suitable I just wonder please
    has anyone else been through this and did you find a way to make these various bodies at least try and help until we can move?

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    Can you try taking pictures? you say they are right by the house - even through a window would do. Keep a diary of events. something to show social services and police.

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    How absolutely dreadful.

    On the plus side the local authority have decided to rehouse you but I understand that this may take some time before suitable accommodation is found.

    Some suggestions:

    When any incident happens call 999 immediately. You need to say that you are afraid that they are going to hurt you and you are very scared. It might be possible for the police to catch them 'in the act'. Ask for some support from the local community support officer.

    You could try speaking to your local councillor or MP.

    You could try to find a recording device which you could use with the CCTV images as evidence against the people responsible.

    Have you got a neighbourhood watch group? Could you enlist their support?

    Have you got any neighbours that you get on with who could offer some support?

    It is a pity that it is the school holidays but if you are not rehoused by the time the younger ones return to school then you could enlist the help of the local school(s).

    Anti social behaviour is very difficult to deal with as you have found so you need to keep reporting incidents to everyone involved - the LA, the social housing association, the local councillor, your MP and of course, the police.

    I hate this kind of behaviour. If this is a daily occurrence (and you have a rough idea of the time) can you invite one of the above to you house so they can observe the behaviour themselves.

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    I'm so sorry you have had to experience that. It makes me so angry that people think it is ok to treat someone like that.

    I'm physically disabled but have so far not experienced anything like that (they will get a crutch tripping them up if they did!) Unfortunately my autistic son has faced discrimination and out right mean behaviour from children AND adults. My son would never discrimate or be unkind based on how someone looks. He has stuck up for a girl who gets called fat on numerous occasions but just because he is different to others and has a younger emotional age than his peers, he sometimes gets bullied by the pathetic and cowardly peers.

    I am sorry I don't have any new advice to offer but hope the information from the other posters helps you. Please let us know how you get on! X

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    thank you so much for the replies
    will be making contact with the MP. the police have footage of them jumping over the fence. coming right by the bathroom window
    and hammering and shouting about when someone is in the toilet. They found this hilarious the police took 5 weeks to even look at the footage. Turned out they knew who the people were (travellers) I wont lie there's been times I seriously thought of just ending it
    being called that C word over and over.

    The police started really well but it seems to have just fallen apart. They keep saying about how its going to be hard to get this sorted with so many and some so young. they don't seem to grasp the impact its had on us and me.

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    Next time tell the police you think you saw one with a firearm......... They will be round quick enough then

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    sorry for your troubles legsy. If you've got the internet at home, you could buy an IP cam (search amazon for eg ip cam vstarcam) and micro SD memory card for around £35. That sitting on your inside windowsill would record what's going on outside complete with time stamp - you can set it to record the sound too. I've got one that records what my dogs are up to with surprisingly good image quality.

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    Sorry to hear what you've been going through many years ago i experienced a similar situation in the end i found out some of their addresses i went to see a solicitor who did me a letter saying things like if the harrassment continues i will be forced to take legal action for compensation due to the treatment i've recieved from persons at your address etc i photocopied them and sent them through the post amazingly when the parents realized it could end up costing them things started to change the housing had been saying for yrs they'd get me moved etc so had a letter also done threatening to take them to court for neglect of their duties etc amazingly 2months later a suitable property was found, the discrimination laws wasn't as good back then but it seemed to do the trick, maybe it's something you could try. Don't give up though these people aren't worth it they are the lowest of the low and obviously have very little intellect and lets hope karma will be a bitch to them. I grew up being bullied cos of how i looked but never let any of them get the better of me and oddly over the years a number have contacted me on face book to say sorry for their treatment at school and they have either had children or have grandchildren who have either physical or mental disabilities and they are seeing how bullying is affected them and it's made them remember me, to be honest i'll always remember things that was said and done but i actually don't remember them. So people kids and adults should stop and think! But i am sure that eventually you will get a nice home where you can live in peace and be happy please just stay strong remember they are ugly individuals and you are beautiful and above them that's what i've always said to myself and it's got me through my life. Oh also when i was in and it started i stuck headphones into either tv or stereo so i couldn't hear the buggers and got flood lights put on front and back of property and left them switched on at night. Goodluck with it x

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