Would you like to help shape the future of disabled people in the UK? Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby and the Employers’ Network for Equality and Inclusion are conducting a survey to investigate the link between sport and employment for disabled people. There is evidence to suggest that participating in sport can increase a person’s chances of being employed. However, there has been almost no research to examine this effect among people with disabilities.

What we want to explore, with your help, is whether taking part in a disability sport (adaptive rowing, wheelchair rugby, goalball etc.) can increase a disabled person’s chances of being employed.

This is a really important topic to study, for a few reasons:

1. Being in employment can be hugely beneficial for an individual, in multiple ways, but a disabled person has more obstacles to accessing employment than a non-disabled person.

2. A higher employment rate boosts the economy, but the employment rate among disabled people is much lower than among non-disabled people.

3. If our results suggest that disability sport can increase employment among disabled people, benefiting disabled individuals and also the economy, then we can add to the case for funding of disability sport. We might even start to use disability sport specifically to assist disabled people into employment.

We need as many participants as possible to get the most meaningful results we can. It would be fantastic if you’d give us the few minutes required to complete the questionnaire. Please follow the link below to do so. The deadline for completion is Friday 29th July (this Friday).


If you’d like any further information, or you’d just like to discuss our research, please contact Luke White at luke.white@gbwr.org.uk or on 07478 730636.

Thank you for your time.

Luke White, GBWR Projects Officer