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Thread: Proof of pain

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    Proof of pain

    Proof of pain - how strange? I have EDS Hypermobility and fibromyalgia. Unseen conditions where no one else can see or measure the pain I'm in.

    I've ruptured a ligament in my foot, and have a huge lump. It's painful, but as usual I'm trying to just get on with it. The only difference is - proof!!! I've never been accused of faking it, but it feels very strange to all of a sudden be able to have a visual validation of the pain I'm in. I keep checking it still there! Am I crazy?! ????

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    Who is asking you for 'proof of pain'?

    Pain is something that cannot be proved or quantified.

    But that has not stopped insurance lawyers in the USA trying to in court cases.
    They even came up with some stupid 'mathematical formula' to try and deny personal injury claims in court.

    So of course insurance companies in the UK are trying this as well.

    If the DWP start this malarkey then it's going to cause all kinds of trouble.
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    I think this might only be something people with those conditions can understand.
    A few years ago I got really frustrated with the pain clinic and Physio and trying to explain myself without 'evidence.' I spent two weeks walking around with a permanent marker and would circle the pain with arrows showing if it was shooting pains etc and I photographed it to show them. I also got the little drawing of your body that Physio gives you and marked it with crosses before using green, orange and pink high lighters to code the severity of each one.
    Hope the foot injury gets better soon x

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    I hear you loud and clear! I was struggling at work and home for over a year and all the GP gave me was pain gel. One GP manipulated my hand so roughly, I was in tears! It wasn't until the regular GPs were on holiday and a locum took over that I was taken seriously. She sent me for an ultrasound and they discovered I have osteoarthritis in multiple joints. A year later and I have been diagnosed with a further 2 conditions and they're still looking for any others.

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