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Thread: am back but not the same person i was

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    Feb 2013
    That is awful I'm so sorry to hear about not only your step mum, but your dad too. I lost my own father in January.

    Good luck with the counselling. It may open a can of worms and remember, if at any point during the process you feel you aren't ready, go back to it when you are.

    Take care. x

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    Feb 2012
    thank you flowerangelx for the kind message.

    i will be back on next week with an update to how i go, the can of worms is something i experienced before and it led to disaster so steady away this time around.

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    Feb 2012
    promised an update - had the point of access and they think it may be ptsd

    want medication changed and also a cat scan to check out for any head injuries.

    apart from that not in too bad a mental health state

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