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Thread: Have I put myself on radar esa

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    Have I put myself on radar esa

    Hi guys
    Hope you are all keeping well.
    Yesterday I phoned dwp and asked for my assesses report on esa( it was paper based) that I had back in January.
    Do you think I have put myself on radar by asking for it.i am assessed in cb sg.
    I'm starting to gather my next lot of evidence as I have a few hospital appointment.

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    I got my medical report.prognosis is within 12 months.
    The medical evidence indicates there would be substantional mental or physical risk if the client were found capable of work or wca because chronic condition blah blah.likely to be at risk if deterioration ,remains under specialist care for ongoing problems
    Then dpsays...i advise work could be considered within 12 months!!!!
    What's your take on this???

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    All pretty normal.

    It says that you have been awarded Support Group by means of special regulation 35 (Risk of Harm) of the ESA legislation.
    It then says that you should be reassessed after 12 months.

    The "..I advise work could be considered..." is just the standard wording that the DWP use on the forms to mean "reassess at this time".
    (This could be done on paper or they could ask you to attend a face to face).

    Remember that whilst you are in Support Group they cannot make you do any work, or work related activities, so no need to worry.

    Also remember that ESA does not 'run out', it only stops if you are found fit-for-work, which can only be done at a face to face assessment. (or if you fail to go for an assessment when asked to, or otherwise break the law).
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    Thank you Nukecad for explaining it to me.x

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    To just get missing NI contributions I thought I'd better sign on for ESA. I did a phone cal and the survey w4as returned to me to sign and send back - I haven't and the deadline has passed.

    Maximus sent me a Work Capability Survey to fill in. Well one of the reasons I don't work is because my physical hand that used to write no longer can hold a pen. I tried doing the form online but the pdf didn't save the work so that's not going either.

    The strange thing is that the DWP texted me to say they have my three month sick note.

    So tell me what sanctions can Maximus pull - stop my benefits - I don't get any!! And if the DWP accept me sick notes won't they just credit my NI Contributions anyway

    I can't claim CB ESA as I haven't worked in two years - medically retired.
    I can't claim IR ESA due to my Private pension
    I'm 4 years short of getting a full pension in 2023.
    I don't take medication

    What do you think will happen next - I have a rare neurological condition that causes weakness to one side of me and it's incurable!

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