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Thread: Entitlement to Carers Allowance & Severe Disability Premiums

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    Entitlement to Carers Allowance & Severe Disability Premiums

    Hi all,

    I posted on the forum a few days ago but I've came across another problem and need some advice if anyone can help please.

    I receive DLA, Lower Rate Mobility & Middle Rate Care. I have been receiving Income Related ESA for around 4 months now, and am still on the assessment rate while waiting on the medical assessment decision, to find out which group I will be placed in. I live alone and nobody receives carers allowance for me.

    As far as I'm aware, I fit the criteria for Severe Disability Premium and so I applied for this as it wasn't automatically added to my ESA. However, I was told today that I wasn't entitled to SDP as it showed on the system that someone receives CA for me. I told the advisor that this was incorrect, as my mother stopped claiming CA for me just over two years ago. The ESA advisor told me to contact the CA department, which I did.

    I explained that my mother has not received CA for me for over two years and the advisor said that because my mother is still entitled to claim CA, it would still show like she is claiming CA and she insisted I am not entitled to SDP. I was confused and couldn't understand what the advisor meant but when I told her this, she became annoyed at me and started to raise her tone, so I just said thank you and hung up. I just felt uncomfortable.

    I done a bit of research and seen that if nobody actually receives CA for someone, but has an 'underlying entitlement', then the disabled person is still entitled to SDP.

    Is anyone able to confirm this? I contacted the ESA helpline and told them about this and am awaiting a call back. Does anyone know what would happen next? Would they just contact the CA department and ask about it, or would I need to send proof that my mother isn't receiving CA? I would be able to send proof such as bank statements but I'm hoping this won't be necessary. I'm feeling really anxious today and I wish things were more straightforward.

    Thanks again.

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    You are right. CA has to be in payment to make you ineligible for SDP.

    SDP and Carer benefits
    44156 There are two carer related benefits
    1. Carer’s Allowance (CA)
    2. The Carer Element (CE) in Universal Credit (UC)
    and SDP is not payable if someone is receiving CA or CE for caring for the claimant
    or partner1
    . CA or CE has to actually be in payment before it affects entitlement to
    SDP. Underlying entitlement to CA does not affect SDP.So both SDP and CP can be
    paid at the same time if CP is awarded because of underlying entitlement to CA (see

    DMG 44166 et seq).
    1 ESA Regs, Sch 4, para 6(2)(a)(iii) & (2)(b)

    CP is carer's premium.

    Your mum should have had a letter about her CA award and when it ended and whether she was entitled to the Carer's Premium.

    What was the reason your mum stopped claiming CA for you?

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    Suggest you read this bit;

    the important bit here being you get the middle or highest care component of DLA,
    which you do
    Have you asked for or been sent a IS10? You have to contact ESA and ask them to send you this form if not.

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    To get underlying entitlement the carer still has to care for you, but have an overlapping benefit which prevents the carers allowance being paid. So has your mum stopped caring for you or did she start to receive another benefit? If she has stopped caring then she should of informed them of this. If she does have underlying entitlement, then SDP can still be awarded if eligible, and if she still cares for you, she would still be entitled. The main system that tells an advisor that somebody is getting carers will show it in payment even if it is underlying, it would require a check on the carers allowance actual screens to confirm the correct entitlement.

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    Is your mother in receipt of her SRP, if she is then her entitlement to CA will have stopped the day she reached the age to receive her pension.

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