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    Allied Mobility

    Has anyone out there had dealings with Allied Mobility recently? I ordered a vehicle on the Motability Scheme for my son who is a wheelchair user and has extreme breathing problems in November and it has been a disaster from start to finish.

    First of all the wrong model was delivered (we have upgraded to a higher spec and engine size) and when I reported this to the company I was told that I could not use the vehicle as it would then be a used vehicle (it already had 300 miles on the clock on delivery!) and it took me two days and a lot of hassle to convince them that I NEEDED transport as my son would be house-bound otherwise. Grudgingly they agreed to "fast track" the correct model but when it arrived it was filthy (I was past caring at this point!) and the spare wheel was not fixed to the vehicle, just propped up inside! I felt this was unsafe so asked the driver to remove it. After speaking to the Salesman it was agreed that it would be fitted but three months and numerous telephone calls later I have been told that the wheel can't be fitted due to safety concerns! I am told that the inflation kit can be used in an emergency and RAC cover is also provided but there is no acknowledgement of the problems we could have by the roadside while waiting for the RAC or if the tyre shredded.

    All in all the service received has been abysmal and I would certainly not use this company again.

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    As no one else has replied..... I would suggest reporting them to their trade body, Trading Standards & Motobility. It may not get you anywhere personally, but each report is noted & they add up until in the end it cannot be ignored anymore.
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