I had a fall in Chester,not the weekend just gone,but the one before
Fell down some steps leaving a pub
No,I wasn't drunk,my gentleman friend had taken me for lunch and we had one glass of wine each
There was one great steep stair with one little sort of half step in between
My bf went down the whole thing in one swift movement as he is tall and agile,but I am a hobbit and put my foot on the half step as the whole thing was too steep,but the half step wasn't big enough for my foot and I slipped and went down with a bang
My bf was worried I may have bashed my head ( I hadn't) and was fussing and saying I should stay still and people were staring at me and I was embarrassed
I thought that only my bottom was sore at the time so I asked him to help me up and into the car quickly,insisting that only my bottom and pride were hurt

Monday my arm and leg were numb and pin/ needles
I have APS and so get this anyway
It was worse than usual,but I had other symptoms of a flare,so just put it down to a worsening of my current condition and as my annual lupus appt is in July just made a mental note to mention it
However Tuesday my back started to hurt and yesterday I had all sorts,shooting pains,numbness,pins and needles,feelings like electric shocks
Today my whole back and bottom really hurt,to the point it has made me ratty with my teen and also made me cry
Tomorrow I shall be ringing the surgery at 8 to see if th we can fit me in