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Thread: wheelchair breakdown service

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    wheelchair breakdown service

    i use an electric wheelchair outdoors

    were the chair to break down e.g. battery failure it would be nice to call a van to collect the chair (& me!) & take me wherever without requiring i transfer out of the chair to a seat

    when i last enquired some months ago there were a couple of wheelchair breakdown companies but they only accepted chairs 3 years old max & users who could transfer out of the chairs & into seats

    so ... any suggestions for companies that might be suitable?

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    Some Shopmobility branches have a breakdown and repair centre.

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    Mark Bates Ltd (Premier Care Insurance) is who I am with and they are very good. I don't know about getting you to wherever you want. They will get you and your chair home and pay for hire of a temp chair while yours is fixed and offer a new for old policy on your own chair. Give them a try and you could say you were referred by myself as it may or may not gain either one of us or both a bonus in our policy.

    Give me a shout if you need any more info


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    I've just started a thread on this very subject after a similar experience and the hard fact I came down to - and this is after 3 days of searching and trawling online is that many insurance companies - including Mark Bates - have a limit of 15 miles for "recovery"!!
    Oh yeah we'll "help you to live a more independent life" as long as you don't travel more than 15 miles.

    I have an accidental damage policy with Mark Bates and while they have paid up in the past year, their definition of accident is strictly limited. Tyres? thats wear and tear (excluded in policy) Battery? thats mechanical /electrical (also excluded).
    Put wheelchair breakdown in the search box at the top right of the page and you will see other mentions on this subject

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    Hi reddivine. I asked about them the 15 miles thing today and was assured I am covered for anywhere in the UK for me and the chair home. WHEW!!

    As for tyres and batteries, am afraid that does come under wear and tear I am covered for batteries both from the manufacturer and the shop I got my chair for 12 months, the shop also covers electrics for 12 months. There is an option to "extend" my warranty after a year but I don't know how much that will be, be interesting to find out. One thing I would say is it is best to buy the LARGEST MK GEL or SONNENSCHEIN A500 DRYFIT you can fit in the space available TANYA UK is the best place to get them in the UK.

    - There are NO other batteries that can or will out perform these above in a power chair. And there are absolutely no cheaper batteries that are worth considering. The rest are simply not adequate and will both perform worse and will cost more long term.

    - Charge EVERY NIGHT that you used the chair at all, and all night long. Leave on charge as long as possible before you get up or use the chair each day. On many chargers the GREEN ready light does not mean its actually completed the charge and it will still actually be charging. It actually takes 10 to 16 hours to charge your chairs batteries, regardless of the "ready light". And charge once per week even if you HAVE NOT USED THE POWERCHAIR!

    - If you want batteries to last longer, always do the above, but also PLUG IN AND CHARGE REGULARLY, during the day as you check email, eat etc. This is called opportunistic charging, and it lessens the average depth of discharge. Batteries do not like being discharged, so the less you deplete them generally, the longer they will last! So add 'some' power, whenever you get the chance.

    Hope this helps, I copied this from a guy who really knows his stuff regarding batteries and is well worth listening to.


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