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Thread: Motability Car - Possible Cancellation Scenario

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    Motability Car - Possible Cancellation Scenario

    Hi all,

    So in a bit of a pickle at the moment. Currently my sister gets the enhanced rate on motability based on PIP due to her autism disability. We have put down a deposit on a Mercedes A Class a month ago and the car is currently in production and should be ready to collect in a couple of weeks.

    However my sister is currently in secondary school and there are a few changes to the school transportation service as a result. She currently is picked up by her school bus but it is suggested that she should be trained to use public transports i.e. bus in order to be more independant as she is 15 years old now.

    When myself and my mom decided to take out the car i.e. family trips, fun after school/weekends we had no idea it would be impacting my sisters school transportation service. I am the named driver on the vehicle as my mom does not drive. I'm available most of the time for my sister as I work home based majority of the time.

    It is come to our attention that if we take the motability car, there is a strong chance that her school transportation service would be declined as we have a vehicle to take her about. So at the moment my mom and I are considering cancelling the motability car as I'm not in a position where I can take my sister to school and bring her back due to work commitments.

    We have not entered any PIN with the dealership yet as the car is not currently ready.

    Are there any parents out there that have had a similar situation? Have you had to cancel your motability car as a result? In this case there are no other named drivers that can be put on the policy.
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