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Thread: Permitted work coming to an end

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    Permitted work coming to an end

    Hi all I'm really looking for some advice as I have no idea what to do and am finding issues with the DWP very hard to cope with.

    I started doing permitted work in a care home last April. I was very firtunate in that I know the people that manage it (I worked there years ago) and they have been very understanding of my condition. Some times its easier to work than others and they agreed to take me on as 'bank staff' - being able to say no when I cannot cope with all that work brings has been a god-send!

    I was doing it under the permitted work scheme and it was ok because I tended to do 10 hours a week, maybe a little bit more and that was plenty. Over the last few months my condition has got a bit worse and this month I've only done 10 hours in total. I was hopeful this will improve though.

    On friday I got a letter stating that my ESA will end on the 4th April unless I give up work or earn less than £20 a week.

    If I give up work then I feel I would be taking a huge step backwards in my recovery and I really do not want to do this as work have been so incredibly understanding. I do not want to be stuck on ESA with no hope of moving forward. However, what about the times I am unable to work? I will not be bringing any money in at all and I will not be able to cope finacially.

    I don't know what to do. I'm going to try and get an appointment with the lady I see at the job centre and see if I can get some advice, but I don't even know if theres anything I can do?! It all seems pretty final.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thankyou x

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    I am not sure what you can do as the whole system is in turmoil & the disabled are being herded to the edge of the cliff. I would see what they say to you, then seek independent advice from someone like the CAB. I am sure someone else will post with better information for you.
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    Hi has this been resolved. if not asked about disabled working tax credits.I can find the details, the rules change so fast i think they are written in pencil.

    please post progress beardo

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    You don't say what other benefits you are getting and I'm assuming you are not in support group, but without more info......
    However I am guessing but I'm sorry to say that they do appear to have it right.

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