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Thread: enhanced both pip help please

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    enhanced both pip help please

    my daughter has now been awrded both enhanced rates on pip she gets contribution based esa and child tax credits for her 2 children
    she is single although the children's dad does help with a home for them at no charge
    her youngest son has aspergers and he gets dla in his own right
    now wondering is she able to claim anything as of being awarded pip?
    We really have no clue about the benefit system she has worked and only ever got tax credits and dla until November
    Any advice is appreciated
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    If she has savings less then £16000 then she can get a top up of income related ESA and have various disability premiums added to her ESA award.

    Has she informed tax credits that her son is receiving DLA?

    Whenever a new award is given it is always a good idea to inform all benefit departments of the new award as there may be various forms to complete. (Child benefit will not be affected so no need to inform them)

    So, basically, the DWP, the council and tax credits.

    She can put her new details into the benefit calculator on to get a good idea of what she may be entitled to.

    Has your daughter had a social services assessment to help with aids and adaptations to the house?

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    Hi thanks for your advice
    She does get a disability premium for her son on tax credits, on your advice I called esa and they're sending a firm to be filled in regarding income based esa
    She gets a discount on her council tax already but I'll give them a call when the letter actually arrives regarding pip
    it said on calculator she's entitled to income based of £77 a week aswell as contribution based £73 this can't be right
    Thanks j

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    Thank you, yes she gets disability premium on tax credits for son
    I phoned esa they're sending a form to be filled in for income based top up?
    The calculator showed entitlement for both contributions based and income based so both confused over that I thought it was 1 or the other
    daughter now in panic mode thinking they'll take her award off her! So sorry for late reply still trying to calm her down

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    Contribution based ESA is based on her NI contributions.

    If you are eligible for disability premiums they can only be awarded if you are on income based ESA.

    Even if you are entitled to contribution based ESA (always awarded first as it is based on NI contributions) then you can get a 'top up' of income based ESA if you meet the eligiblity criteria (less than £16000 in savings) with no other income.

    As she has now been awarded PIP then she is entitled to extra money which she can only get on income based ESA so they will assess her and see if she is entitled to income based ESA.

    If she is then she will be awarded the extra money because of the disability premiums.

    The disability premiums and amounts are shown in this link:

    Is your daughter still in the assessment phase of ESA?

    The amounts seems large because of the severe disability premium. Check the eligibility criteria for this in the link.

    Come back if you have any further questions.

    Has she been receiving council tax reduction based on her low income or just the single person's discount?

    Has she any savings/capital/occupational pensions/other income?

    CAB will do a quick benefit check for her if you are still worried.

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    Hi pmlindyloo
    thank you so much for all your help
    yes she is still in assessment phase on contributions based esa
    No savings or capital
    She gets a huge discount on council tax (£110 a year left to pay) and the bill is £1250
    every calculator says she can get income based esa now too, just unsure if she can or if it can be backdated, or is it just when she has gone past assessment phase?
    it's all so confusing
    I really appreciate your help, you have been a god send
    Thank you

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    It is the PIP awards (i.e the disability premiums ) that makes your daughter eligible for the income based part of ESA.

    The extra money she receives is all due to the disability premiums.

    So, the disability premiums should be backdated to the start of her PIP award which would mean that her income based ESA would start then. BUT as she is on the assessment rate of ESA there is no difference between the amount of money she gets for ESA as the contribution rate is the same for income based as it is for income based.

    Once she has her Work Capability Assessment for ESA then she gets put into a group (WRAG or Support) and this will give her extra money (called a component) as part of her ESA. This will be backdated to the 14th week of her ESA claim.

    It is so confusing, isn't it?

    When was her PIP application started?

    When did her ESA start?

    CAB could check her awards when she gets them plus any backdating or we could try and work it out! Simply put she will get more money in the future plus some backdating amounts for PIP, the disability premiums (as part of the income based ESA) and when she gets moved into an ESA group.

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    It's horrid trying to work it all out!
    if that's how it works then she is owed a bit of money from esa income based too then!
    pip was claimed on 2nd March and esa contributions based went from that date but not paid for first week so 9th March was the date they used
    pip has been backdated til 2nd March
    still don't know how esa works I mean she's got pip enhanced for care and mobility surely she would go into support group? But then again they'll want her in for f2f so who knows!
    Do I send esa the copy of the assessment pip gave?
    do they send the assessment to her?
    you are again a god send to us and I can't thank you enough for your help

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    So the disability premiums should be paid (backdated) from the 9th March.

    There is absolutely no way of knowing whether they will call her for a face to face or do a paper based assessment for her ESA.

    ESA and PIP are two different benefits. PIP is for care and and mobility needs and ESA is about capability for work.

    Personally I would send a copy of the PIP assessment report. Don't forget to put name/address/NI number on the copy. Whether they would use it or not no one knows. I am presuming you sent the same medical evidence for the PIP and the ESA?

    They do not usually send the PIP assessment (but it has been known) so be proactive and send it yourself. It can do no harm.

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    I didn't send the same evidence for my daughter as esa only wanted sick notes as its contribution based
    I sent all the evidence to pip which now I feel silly not taking copies!
    I will ask for all the evidence used from pip if I'm allowed?
    still not received the letter yet it was only decided Saturday she is entitled so I have to wait and see
    I did however request a copy of the assessment by capita while it was with the decision maker
    still can't believe she got a 6 year award! her doctor is very mean but did write a report when pip requested it saying she was in wheelchair couldn't propel herself due to hands no longer working etc
    It was a very trying time taking her to f2f she was so upset, she has trouble with anyone looking at her because of her disability she doesn't feel good enough or human anymore I can't stand to have to see her do it all over again for esa so soon after the pip

    Once again thank you your advice has been amazing
    I appreciate it so much
    thank you for taking the time to try and help me to help my daughter you are an angel

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