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Thread: When to replace a wav?

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    Question When to replace a wav?

    Okay I've still got 13 months to go on my Kangoo. Given the price of it, I probably need to think about budgeting soon.

    My current vehicle cost 10000 to convert/adapt + Kangoo advance payment.

    While I'm perfectly happy that going from Vauxhall Astra/boot hoist to a wav, they are not cheap!

    So just wondering what others do in my situation? I'm aware of 3 options:-

    1) get another wav at the end of the 5 year contract hire
    2) a couple of years ago, sure someone from Motability said you could extend your wav to 7 years
    3) buy my current vehicle

    a question regarding number 2. I have various adaptions-powered tailgate/ramp, wheelchair lock, Lodgesons 5 way and a 6 way electronic moveable drivers seat (although I only use 2 way-forward and back). Will these adaptions last 7 years?

    Any thoughts?


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    That's are very good question! I was wondering if general break down of adaptions is covered under the lease? I've never had an adaption break down after its warranty expired. Please let me know as I'm same predicament. Did a charity pay for your adaptions? They may cover them. If its all down to you then that's a gamble but it would give you another two years to get cash together. But you could end up spending that. Our ask Mota if you could change at any point in those two years if the adaptions prove to be problematic.


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    Correction-decisions decisions

    Firstly apologies, although I still maintain that a Motability representative told me about possibly extending the lease 6 or 7 years, last week I had it clarified that this is definitely incorrect. You cannot extend the lease beyond 5 years.

    Therefore the decision now is get a new WAV next year or buy my current one?
    Currently I've no idea but leaning towards a new vehicle.

    Buying the current vehicle would be cheaper but then I'm driving around with a 5 year old car and possibly more importantly, 5 year old adaptions. Far as I know access to work would not help with the purchase of my current vehicle.

    New vehicle is obviously more expensive, owing to the adaptions required but presumably there would be some help from access to work. Also the reliability of the vehicle/adaptions is a big factor for me.

    Only real decision that I have made so far, is that despite staying in Scotland, I need to make plans to visit the mobility roadshow in Peterborough.

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