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Thread: 96-Year-Old Returns To National Trust Days Out Thanks To Folding TGA Mobility Scooter

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    96-Year-Old Returns To National Trust Days Out Thanks To Folding TGA Mobility Scooter

    Norman Smith, 96 from Chislehurst in Kent, has regained the ability to enjoy freedom outside with his National Trust Stewardess daughter thanks to a pioneering new folding TGA Minimo Plus scooter.


    Norman joined London Transport at 16 as an electrician and after a stint in the Navy of five years, he returned to London Transport until his retirement in 1985. In 1990 Norman and his wife May relocated to Kent from Perivale West London to be near their daughter. Norman is remarkable for his age however his mobility has become restricted in recent years with walking an ever increasing challenge. His daughter, Barbara who lives with him, helped Norman select a 'car boot' mobility scooter several years ago to improve his independence however it proved awkward and difficult to dismantle. They both were on the look out for a better solution when they saw the new TGA Minimo Plus in a national newspaper. The Minimo Plus is a next generation compact scooter that folds in seconds and does not need any parts to be dismantled to comfortably fit in a car boot. Now Norman has his new scooter he is able to drive to the local village and garden centre independently and accompany his daughter to their favourite National Trust Park - 'Knole'. They also have two King Charles Cavalier dogs, Jack and Caddie, who will also benefit from the additional time spent outdoors. Read more...
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