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    Personal Health Budget

    Hello Everyone,

    I really could use some help. Although some of my questions you may have already answered for other people I would really appreciate any answers.

    I have a severe disability that is a muscle weakness condition. This consequently makes me electric wheelchair bound/unable to walk, and unable to do anything on my own without help, which requires me to have three carers/personal-assistants in total.

    I have 2 personal assistants that help me during the day and a waking night carer. The day carers are live-in and I often need them after day-care hours and during the night.

    As there is no room in my house for live-in carers, the CCG pay for a rental property within walking distance of my house so the carers can be available anytime day or night.

    For the past year, I have been trying to go on personal health budget but the CCG have been delaying it as there was a problem with the budget.

    Basicaly, the CCG are saying that if I go on PHB they will not be paying for the carer's accommodation and therefore I would not be able to have live-in care anymore.

    This would be affecting my care and health as a live-out carer cannot be called after hours or at night.

    What do you think? And what power do I have over the CCG?

    Kind regards,


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    Sorry whats CCG stand for?

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    CCG = Clinical Commissioning Group.

    CCGs and commissioning for carers

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    This isnt an area i know to much about, but sounds like your getting a pretty good deal already.

    If changing how things are paid for would remove the accommodation, then i see 2 options.

    1. Leave things as they are
    2. Insist on carers with cars so they are able to quickly get to you from their own homes.

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