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    This is an abbreviated version- does it sound ok? I have been with my employer since 2008 and have been in my current role with them since 2013. My role involves responding to any form of communication (mainly via telephone or e-mail) for most of the back-office departments of the Authority. I work 21 hours a week- one hour of which at the end of my shift is lone working.

    I have had M.E and various neurological symptoms since 2009. Since that time I suffered falls, sickness from work and ill health and reduced mobility both inside and outside of work. I have had to be redeployed from one full-time role into another lower grade part-time role and have lost significant income due to this. I suffer from severe pain, fatigue, weakness, visual loss, sudden onset paralysis, nausea and vomiting, balance issues and many other symptoms which mean that mobilising anywhere for me can be a challenge which reduces my quality of life and my ability to participate with a lot of activities both inside and outside of the workplace. I have had to increase my opiate dosage to try and cope with my worsening symptoms, however this causes it’s own challenges due to the side effects of taking opiates and I also can’t titrate the dosage high enough to cope with the pain and be able to do my role effectively. I am currently getting into the workplace over an hour before my shift starts in order to ensure I can get a parking space in the limited car park and recuperate from the short distance into work and for the painkillers to start to work- however, this is no longer effective and I am becoming unable to mobilise due to the pain and fatigue.

    I am unable to take public transport due to the distance from the bus stop despite my local bus being a low-entrance one. I am also concerned that I may not be able to continue driving due to visual loss and without a wheelchair public transport will also be removed as an option for me.

    I have spoken to two wheelchair sales assessors who have recommended the Quickie Helium with e-motion wheels. This is due to the lightweight frame and portability of the Helium combined with the assistance from the power-assisted wheels means that I can be independent without suffering from fatigue or pain and would mean I could get into work at an appropriate time, reduce my painkillers and be a more effective employee.

    I have tried using a standard manual folding wheelchair but found it too cumbersome and difficult to push and setup independently. I have also tried using a ‘portable’ mobility scooter and a ‘portable’ power chair but again found this too heavy to use on my own, too difficult to control and too unstable to be able to use safely.

    If I was provided with this particular set of aids I would be able to either use public transport or drive, it would be less critical being able to park as close as possible to my office and I could also be more flexible in my working hours, cease having to arrive at the workplace so early and no longer be restricted in taking breaks. I would also be much more independent and less reliant on others and be more able to participate in work place activities (I experience increased pain when having to attend meetings outside of the office due to the distance).

    The financial effects of the wheelchair and power-assisted wheels not being provided far outweigh the outlay of these aids as without them it will result in increased sick leave which will incur a cost to my employer, a compromised ability to do my job, and funding for travel costs and a support worker to assist me into work.

    By having these aids my quality of life and ability to be mobile would increase hugely. I would suffer less pain, be able to participate more and be able to use other transportation options which were previously closed to me. I would also like to hope that I would have even less sick leave, my symptoms would reduce and my independence increase. By using a wheelchair with e-motion wheels I would be at less risk of falls, would be able to rest when appropriate and mobilise with minimal effort.

    I am not asking for anything extravagant- just the ability to be mobile independently and continue to be an effective employee.
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