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Thread: Condition changing whilst application for PIP is processed

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    Condition changing whilst application for PIP is processed

    Hi all.

    I began my claim for PIP back in December, for a combination of mobility problems due to Fibromyalgia and Hyper-mobility and living issues due to borderline personality disorder.
    I received fantastic help from a charity in filling out my form, and had my face to face assessment this Tuesday just gone.

    It was horrendous, thank goodness for the mindfulness skills I have so far, they stopped me from harming myself but couldn't prevent me completely breaking down right at the start as well as constantly writhing in pain in their crappy chair. However it went rather oddly in that it was only 35 minutes long, and I wasn't asked about the dressing part, the being with people part, the journey planning or the walking. My partner assisted me and I also had a crutch which meant I could move but I took bloomin' ages to get around. Reason being, I was at the start of a severe increase in pain in my lower back. Yesterday and today it has gotten worse and I am now taking Tramadol and naproxen whereas during my assessment it was only paracetamol and ibuprofen.
    I also now need a walking aid which I didn't back in December when I filled my form out, and am getting an electric scooter because walking any distance is just a no now.

    So my question: do I ring somebody up and inform them of any of these developments?
    Also, does my appointment sound right? It was a pragmatic paramedic who held my appointment and at the end he tentatively said "if I were to suggest some movement tests..?" And I shook my head and said please no, but he already was saying no that's fine so I think he knew it was going to be out of the question.

    Anyway, sorry if I've rambled a bit or got too personal. This is my first application for government support since I stopped claiming Incapacity Benefit over 10 years ago. Ironically because mentally I couldn't put up with the assessments all the time!

    Any help or thoughts or experiences welcome. Thank you.

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    If you go for a C in C your whole award could/will be looked at again. They will use any excuse they get to re-assess you. You could lose your award, have it increased, decreased or stay the same.

    If on this claim you are going for the standard mobility under the 20-50 rule, and you are getting a scooter because it makes life easier then you wont score any more points.

    On the other hand if on this present claim you are going for the 1-20 rule, you would get enhanced rate anyway- so it would be pointless asking for a C in C.

    I dont think your change in meds will alter anything, unless your condition has changed also.

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    Hi, thank you for your reply.

    Could I just ask, what is C and C? I couldn't find it on the list of abbreviations.

    Yes my form was filled in for 20-50 back in December and if I were filling it in today it wold be the 1-20, hence the scooter (however it is needed for beyond 50.) But I did think that would encourage them to make me start the process again.
    However, if my claim is rejected should I continue to stick to my form information if it gets to tribunal, or can I safely mention the changes there.

    With regards to the medication, it has been increased as I have recently stopped breastfeeding and now can finally take something stronger. So I would have been on it if I hadn't been nursing, and I'm concerned they may be of the opinion that my pain can't be that much if I'm only using paracetamol and ibuprofen.

    It's so hard to know what the right thing is to say. I think I might as well just get ready for the appeal.

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    C in C is a change in condition

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    C and C I guess is "Change of Circumstances" I would suggest waiting until you get the out come of your F2F as everything will be based on how you were then. Applying for a C of C now would just complicate matters. So sit tight and wait for the brown letter.
    See what they say and review from there.
    I was due PIP renewal so waited until then to notify them of my C of C.

    Good luck and keep us updated on this thread.

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    Did you not mention these changes at your face 2 face last Tuesday?

    Even if you didn't specifically mention them you have been assessed as your are now, after the changes.
    Obviously the assessor could only assess how you are now (well last week), not how you were back in December.

    They can only consider your condition as it is/was at the assessment, any changes or new conditions after that you want to be considered later will need to be a change of circumstances (or a new claim).
    If you have to go to MR (and tribunal) then again these can only consider how you were at the assessment.

    If you didn't tell them at your assessment and you now want any changes or new conditions to be considered then you have to ask for an 'Unplanned Intervention'. (Just a fancy name for a Change of Circumstances).

    I don't know just how they would regard this; its only been a few days since your assessment and they will probably say not much can have significantly changed in so short a time.
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    Did you not explain that it was a fluctuating condition where you have bad days and good days anyway? I have EDS-HT and have days where I literally can't move or even sit myself up in bed but other days that are much better and I just clearly explained that and how often. I asked the assessor if she wanted to know what specific parts of my body were causing me problems that week and what the previous week had been like. I also have a shoulder injury which I didn't have when I filled in the form so explained what had happened, what treatment I was receiving for it etc.
    Having periods where new pain and injuries occur is just part of the condition anyway so you were coping pretty well to just have been taking the lower meds on the assessment day. Regarding the other questions that you weren't asked about, there were a few that weren't mentioned in mine either so I assumed that they had enough info on that from the application form and evidence I sent it.

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    Thank you again for your replies.

    At my face2face I think it was clear id struggle to actually complete 20-50 regularly.

    What's happened is I've had something go wrong with my back this week. It started on Monday, was getting worse on Tuesday (when my f2f was) and by Wednesday evening I was bed bound and continued to be so for 3 days. The new, stronger painkillers were prescribed to me on the Thursday as I was desperate enough to cut out feeding my 1 year old, as this was far worse than any bad day I currently have. At my assessment I said my pain was the same most days.

    I'm currently in hospital now having had an MRI scan to see what is causing my back pain as I am unable to stand at all at the moment. I'm wheelchair bound with the pain. So a rather unfortunate turn of events that happened right around my f2f which has left me feeling once again confused (and upset) about how my condition affects me. I just seem to have gone downhill mobility wise quite quickly and it's all a bit of a shock.

    Thank you for your advice and support.

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    I think I remember them saying to me that you have to have had a new injury for 3 months before it's taken into account, I might be wrong though but I think someone at DWP told me that on the phone. They also told me I could keep sending evidence in after my assessment but I don't know too much about PIP and what can affects things as I only found this forum after I got my award.

    Hyper Mobility Syndrome sucks, I thought it was great when I was younger until it started ruining my life. I went downhill very rapidly following pregnancy and was only told later that the hormones that increase to prepare a woman to give birth make ligaments more stretchy, but obviously we have stretchier ligaments to begin with. I was told that the ligaments would go back to my 'normal' within 24 months, however, I was not warned that the affects of this would result in 'wear and tear' of the joints. I also have fibro and have been told that this is from years of the wrong muscles being over developed to keep my joints in place and the muscles I should have been using are too weak. I let my condition get me down for so long and am only trying to rebuild my life now. I started asking for help wherever I could and am hoping that by the end of 2016 that things will be manageable. It's difficult when family, freinds etc don't understand the condition even if they try! Have you joined the HMSA? They run local groups all over the county so there might be one near you where you could find others in a similar position who you could relate to which might help you feel a bit better about things? They have a website and are also on Facebook and Twitter. Sorry I know your post was about PIP so ignore me if this is irrelevant lol, I just get on my high horse about the effects of this flipping condition sometimes!

    PS, hope your back is ok. The hospital constantly tells me to pace myself but I'm rubbish at it!

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    Oh, I meant to say that I was allowed to take some opiates while pregnant and breast feeding so maybe worth asking if there is anything else you can take? It was a few years back now but I defo took codeine and diclofenac while feeding x

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