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Thread: Advice on lift in Housing Association flat

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    Advice on lift in Housing Association flat

    I live in housing association flat on the first floor and we have been told that the lift needs replacing at a cost of £84,000 for the two blocks. It had been put forward to the tenants by the housing association “do you use the lift ?” and we are being told that a rent rise of £38 per month is to be expected.
    As far as I know I'm the only one that is registered disabled, some have a blue card for the car, now I use the lift for carrying my shopping up to my door with my trolley, if the lift is rejected by the other tenants I've been told that I could be re-housed, but this has to be wrong and a discrimination against disabled people surely. I have lived here for 12 years this is my home and able bodied tenants are dictating the issue.
    I know people will vote with their pockets £38 is a big rise in rent if they are not using the lift, but we all pay for things in our council tax that we don't use.
    Lastly can a housing association make us pay for a new lift in the first place, I agree we should pay for the maintenance, but not for a new one.

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    It would depend on what tenancy agreement you have with the housing association, and what the wording of that agreement says with regard to the costs for maintenance of the building infrastructure and communal facilities.

    I am more familiar with privately rented blocks of flats where usually the tenancy agreements say that the owners of the flats (who are not necessarily the residents) are jointly liable for the costs.

    Often in a block of flats there will be a Management Agency or Building Administrator who make a service charge as part of, or on top of, the rent. This is supposed to build up in a pot to help pay for future repairs.
    As yours is a housing association flat then they are probably also the building managment agents.

    You realy need to dig out your tenancy agreement and check just what it says about these costs.

    I know it will be a wrench to move but it may be worth asking just what they are offering as alternative housing.
    You may find that you like it more than your current place.

    You could try joining this forum and asking your question there:
    Don't be put off by the name, its not just for landlords a lot of tenants go there too.
    The guys on there are very knowledgable about all kinds of rental property issues.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    How many floors? a lot of flats in our area with built with 3 stories as up to that they don't have to put in a lift.

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    Go to the Citizens Advice.
    Sea Queen

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    The Housing Association flats must be quite popular for the HA to suggest renewing the two lifts.

    My guess is that
    - you DON'T live in a multi-storey block of flats
    - the block must be fully occupied and in demand in a popular area
    - you're in an age restricted block
    - your service charge is included in your rent
    - you have a secure tenancy agreement

    The cost of the replacement lifts should be covered by all tenants via a mortgage the HA negotiates for the work over say 15 years.

    All tenants will have to contribute whether they use the lifts or not.

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