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Thread: 'Hello' and DLA to PIP Madness .....

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    'Hello' and DLA to PIP Madness .....

    First I'm 'new' so .... 'Hello'

    As brief as I can:

    1. I have Aspergers.

    2. I have an impaired right hand (skin grafted in 1987, full wrist/partial thumb fusion 2015)

    3. I have an impaired right shoulder (subacromial decrompression, bursectomy, tendon repair 2015)

    4. Awarded IIBD in 1988, REA and DLA (Lower Rate Personal Care) all 'Life/Indefinite' awards.

    5. Feb I receive the dread DLA to PIP letter (EEK), fill out the BOOK, get all my supporting 'evidence' (VAST) send off.

    6. Get a date of April 6th for my 'Assessment'

    7. Weds I make the near two hour trip to some far flung 'Business Park'

    8. 'Assessment' commences and she starts with my mental health issues, after a few questions she asks:

    Capita: 'Do you ever have suicidal thoughts?'

    Me: 'Yes'

    Capita: 'How often do you have these thoughts?'

    Me: 'Daily'

    Capita: ' I'm sorry to say that I am unable to carry out your assessment, Capita policy does not permit me to assess someone who has expressed suicidal thoughts, I'd like you to leave now'

    WHAT I should imagine that a fair number of people hauled before them feel much like me, are all assessments suspended if someone confesses to feeling 'suicidal' at times?

    Spoke to Capita:

    'Never heard of this happening before'

    'We've passed the details to the DWP'

    Spoke to DWP:

    'Never heard of this happening before'

    'A case worker will contact you'

    'Your DLA will continue'

    I feel like I'm in Limbo, has anyone else had a similar experience, what will happen with regards my Capita Assessment?

    As I see it:

    1. Answer honestly, assessment suspended

    2. Lie and say I'm the 'happiest man in the world' the assessment takes place but it's flawed.

    Bit long this sorry ...

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    There could be several reasons why your assessment was terminated. It could be that your HP was inexperienced and needed someone with more experience to do your assessment, it could be some other reason - who knows? The only guidance on this is when a claimant becomes unco-operative they are allowed to terminate an interview. However, you don't mention anything about the assessment being difficult so it probably isn't this.

    You will continue to receive your current DLA award until they either do a paper only assessment or call you in for another face to face assessment.

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    Thanks for the response.

    'Uncooperative' no far from it (or so I thought) she did seem slightly irked when I dared ask a couple of questions before the 'assessment' commenced:

    1. Are you medically qualified?

    2. Have you read my supporting statement?

    I only asked this because in the past I've been interviewed by ATOS staff who clearly lacked medical knowledge and seemed to know little about me or my condition.

    Anyway, someone from DWP rang me and asked if I would 'be willing to attend another assessment' I said I would but feared outcome would be the same if I give the same answers, she then asks ME how 'we can work round this' (bizarre or what?) I suggested the 'assessment' focus on my PHYSICAL issues (that's why I receive DLA after all) perhaps touching on my mental issues at the end.

    She is contacting CAPITA to see 'what they say'

    And as you said DLA will continue for now.

    I've also had a letter from CAPITA (following an email of complaint from me) saying they are 'investigating the matter'

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